Pardon the dust…


What does that mean?

Well… I really like squarespace and think it is a great place for creating webpages. But I have been interested in a host that is more focused on specifically hosting podcasts in order to strecth and grow the podcast in a few interesting ways that squarespace just cannot provide. So the podcast will now be hosted over at Fireside

If I did everything right, subscriptions to the podcast should remain intact and you should keep getting episodes without having to do anything. If I screwed up, I am totally sorry, but consider resubscribing. You can go over to Fireside and click subscribe using handy new buttons right on the main page.

Thank you for listening and being interested in the show. And thank you again for your patience during this transition.

This site will remain up for a while, but eventually everything will be migrated over to fireside and then finally this url will point over there and we will be in a brand new world with exciting new features!

Until then…

Be thankful for what you’ve been given

Be proud of what you’ve achieved

and let go of what you’ve lost.

See ya out there!

~ Chris