Item the First – Legal Disclaimer

In order to protect myself from lawyers and others, here are a few things about this podcast...

1. Running Inside Out Podcast is a creation of my own and is full of my own thoughts and opinions. This show is not nor should it or anything said on it or printed on its’ website be construed as “medical, nutritional, financial or career advice” (nor is it any other kind of advice for which one should seek the consult of a qualified professional.) If you make major life decisions after listening to this podcast, it is recommended that you do so only after careful consideration, a thorough discussion with your loved ones and a consultation with a qualified professional first. If you don’t the decision is yours and yours alone.

That being said, if that decision turns out to have awesome positive consequences, please do fill out the Feedback form and share your story! 

2. Every attempt is made to be accurate as to presenting factual information on both the podcast and the website. However, due to the conversational nature of the show, I will not interrupt the natural flow of ideas to fact check a guest nor will I be able to research every topic they present. Whenever there are major mistakes, corrections and retractions brought to my attention I will make attempts to follow-up on a future show. But hey, they're just like, our opinions, Man.

3. Running Inside Out is not and should not be viewed as a News Source. We will often discuss current events because we live in the real world. We may reference people, either alive or dead and events, either past or future. If we get something wrong or offend you, your loved ones or your company, we're sorry. Please contact us and let's talk.

4. If you cite Running Inside Out Podcast as a source you should probably make sure you know what you're talking about first. We may be smart, funny and witty. We might even be relatively persuasive, but we are by no means “fact checked” by independent third parties. I cannot be held responsible if you use my or my guest's arguments to win your arguments. 

5.  You may link to or reference materials within this podcast or website as complies with Fair Use Act. But don't steal. The artwork and photography are property of either the respective professional who created it or the author of this site.

Item the Second – Distribution Policy

1. Running Inside Out Podcast is freely distributed. Download it, make mix tapes of your favorite parts and share with your friends. But make sure you tell them about all the disclaimers on this page when doing so.