If you hear a boisterous cackle in the woods, it likely belongs to Barb McCloud.  Barb is a positive and uplifting spirit on the trails and off of the trails.  Her spontaneous nature allows her to sign up for races you've deliberated on for years; in her world, no challenge is too great.  

A 50K three-thousand miles from home with more elevation than she's ever seen?  Done.  

A 100K filled with challenging climbs and descents on some of Western, NY's most challenging trails? Sounds like a fun adventure.  

Barb continues to challenge herself off the trails in yoga and in rock-climbing.  Challenging yoga poses or rock-climbing routes become problems that can be solved with enough perseverance.  Barb is currently training for a multitude of races with the most notable being Many on the Genny and Twisted Branch (thanks to the encouragement of Chris!).