GOOSE At Ontario Summit Trail Races. (p: Mike Lesher)

Mort Nace

An original member of GOOSE, "The Mule" can be found generally adventuring the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Or more specifically adventuring, just about anywhere the wind blows. A Proud Dad and head over heel grandpa, Mort is ready for any of lives adventures... even driving!

Tim Ratowski

The other original member of GOOSE, "The Navigator" is the man behind the Muddy Sneaker course and the infamous demoralizer climb (the nearly 2 mile uphill finish.) He is rarely ever seen outside the woods and is becoming slightly curmudgeonly when not racing. 

Ian Weber

Ian joined GOOSE slightly after Mort and Tim put it together. In addition to amazing organizational skills, Ian brings the downhill speed, being the best skier in the group. Ian's wife, Laurz, is the toughest member of the GOOSE team, so that's cool too. 

Rob Feissner

Rob joined the group slightly later than the other three, you know, because he wasn't born yet. Rob is the runner. Literally. Having more degrees than most people have pairs of shoes doesn't make it any easier for him to sit on a slippery canoe seat.

Tim Howland

 Tim is the latest addition to the GOOSE team. Tim is the "all arounder" which in this group, seems to mean "either figure out this ridiculous problem or get us more snacks." He along with Rob are the brains behind the Ontario Summit Trail Races. Tim would like to spend more time with ropes... on them or in them, doesn't matter.