016: Mini-Episode - TROY 2015

We've talked about a lot of races and trails this year and many of the races were in the Trail Runner of the Year Series. So only fitting that we should be On The Scene with coverage of the #TrailsRoc TROY awards.

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TrailsRoc TROY Series

TROY Series Winners


3rd place - Laura Rekkerth
2nd place - Robin Lorenzo
1st place - Liz Matthews


3rd place - Alan Hatch
2nd place - Jeff Polino
1st place - Mike Welden

TrailsRoc Scholarships

Gary Steeves - 0 SPF
Chris O'Brien, Mike Welden - Cayuga Trails 50
Dylan Jennings - Javelina Jundred

 Photo: Ron Heerkens Jr. ( rhjr.me )

Photo: Ron Heerkens Jr. (rhjr.me)