Radio Show 001 - What Are We Doing Here?


If you didn't know, I also host a Radio Show about running aptly titled "Running Inside Out the Radio Show" You can find out more about it using the link up in the nav bar, or following this link.

The radio show airs on Monday, and the web streaming is usually available on Tuesday or Wednesday, That won't change. The addition is that it will pop up in the podcast feed on the Friday of that same week.

As the astute observer will have noticed, the interviews podcast comes out every two weeks. Well, so does the radio show. This means a new show of some sort for your listening pleasure every Friday!

In summary, those subscribed to the podcast will get the radio show instantly pushed to whatever podcast-catcher-client you use. And those that come here will see the radio show release scroll through the blog. The radio show has 5 episodes and so we'll start with Show 001 and mix a few in rather quickly to get up to current.

Without further ado... Show 001 originally aired December 14, 2015...

Running Inside Out the Radio Show

Chris and Kendra find themselves in the WAYO recording studio and, after a brief bout of confusion and finger pointing, do the only thing they know how to do, chatter away about running. The conversation swirls around and touches the surfaces of the many topics that will be explored more deeply throughout the show.