Special Events 001: A Conversation about running trails and ultra distances

 An excellent panel assembled for an excellent group. (Photo:  Ascend Collective )

An excellent panel assembled for an excellent group. (Photo: Ascend Collective)

Or... "We Didn't Have Legos Growing Up"
March 24th 2016 - MedVed Running & Walking Outfitters

A local running store, a distinguished panel of runners, an interested community and many stories to be told. Mort Nace brought the community together for an evening of sharing the passion and joy that comes with being a runner out in the woods.

Running Inside Out was given the opportunity to moderate and record the discussion. Ascend Collective did an awesome job of capturing the visual story of the evening.

After an introduction by Mort, a panel of 7 ultrarunners treated us to tales of real life adventures and beyond words imagination that kept us all rapt with attention well into the night.

Running Inside Out Special Events at MedVed photo by Ascend Collective