Sherry Kessler


Sherry is a runner, snowshoer, yoga instructor, Physical Therapist, personal and high school coach. She will also most likely be many other things since she never stops learning and exploring.

She has a passion for being outside and breathing in nature in all its forms. (but would be quite alright if she never saw a snake ever again). 

Professionally known as a physical therapist and adjunct faculty at Nazareth College. Playfully known as the person you call to go for a run, hike, paddle, yoga class, snowshoe, waterski or skydive.

She would also be equally thrilled to make you an espresso (decaf only for her), feed you and share the joys of the day.

Give her a call at Clover Physical Therapy if you have some parts and pieces that you feel could use the attention of a good Physical Therapist.