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I want the world to know...

Shout Inside Out can get your message out to your friends. Just like holding a sign at mile 22 of the Marathon, everyone will hear what you have to say. It's a fun way to support the podcast without breaking the bank. It's easy and cheap - only $5 for a personal message or $15 for a commercial one.

Wanna give props to a friend who had a great run or race? Wanna rep your run crew, tell everyone about a cool race or event? Or even if you just want to tell the world your general thoughts and feelings about someone or something, try Shouting Inside Out! 

What this is...

This is a fun way for you to get a message out to the listeners of Running Inside Out. Maybe a friend just got into a cool race and you want to wish them luck. Or they have been struggling with their running and you want to send them some encouragement. Maybe you have a neat new running related project or blog that you want to advertise. Maybe you just want to rep your run group and tell everyone how awesome they are. Then this is exactly what you want!

What this is not...

Shout Inside Outs are designed as one-off messages. If you have a product or company and you would like to have multiple messages on consecutive podcasts, then please do consider becoming a sponsor on the podcast.


I will do my best to record and release the shouts in a timely manner. You will be able to pick a range of dates and they are reserved on first come, first served basis. So if you want to wish you friend well at 0 SPF, you can and should reserve that window earlier than July.  


Please email me at

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Examples of Shout Inside Out personal messages

  • Wishing a friend well in their next race
  • Telling the world about your running group
  • Making fun of your buddy for having to pull over on the trail so many times
  • Happy Birthdays, Celebrations, silly in-jokes

Examples of Shout Inside Out commercials messages

  • Advertising for a race
  • Kickstarters, gofundme, other fundraising efforts
  • Podcasts, youtube channels, other 'enterprises'

I'll say anything for runners, but I won't say that...

I reserve the right to not read mean, inappropriate or incendiary Shouts. If yours fall into that category, I will notify you and ask if you'd like to alter it to be appropriate or perhaps just refund your payment (minus those darned processor fees)