Sponsorship may come in two main few forms:

  • Ad Read - A two minute ad-read using your specifically scripted words or an ad-libbed personalized message crafted by me (provided I have some experience with your offer.) A link to your offering will be included in the episode show notes and sent to the subscribers email list.
  • It's Your Show - A dedicated episode featuring runners and experiences around your event. This program would be in the spirit of the podcast with guests of your choosing discussing your event as a topic, not a shill.


The Base Rate for an Ad Read is $50 and "It's Your Show" is $250 with options for Social Media advertising and additional promotional materials (sample products, discount codes, etc...)  Rates can be negotiated from the base by considering the creativity, involvement, level and length of partnership.

Additionally, I am open to creative and interesting promotional ideas and partnerships.  

Running Inside Out Podcast is focused on Rochester, NY community runners and their connection to greater running world. Guests often tell intimate and engaging stories about meaningful products, races and experiences in their lives. 

Listeners and Guests are dedicated, loyal and engaged with a bias towards supporting locally established and personally recommended products and businesses.

As a whole, runners are eager and keen to share experiences with their friends and reward good products and great services. Accordingly, sponsorships will be taken seriously and chosen specifically for their applicability and usefulness to the audience.

 Each episode averages more than 200 unique downloads and exceeds 500 organic Facebook impressions. The podcast as a whole gets >1000 downloads over 30 days. Facebook advertising is used to boost impressions for chosen episodes as appropriate.

If interested in sponsoring the show, click the button below to complete and submit a quick contact form.