Show the world your support for the podcast. Our logo is slapped on all your favorite products, pick one (or two) and use them with pride!


Got a shirt? Put a sticker on a cool thing? Let Everyone see it!

Send us you and your shirt out in the wild. Post to twitter or facebook using #runninginsideout and you could win a fabulous prize! (like, maybe another shirt!)


Qualities of a winning action shot:
- You... wearing a podcast shirt
- Smiles
- Fun locations and events
- You, wearing a podcast shirt, smiling at a cool event
- Stickers on cool things
- Past podcast episode references

Qualities of a non-winning action shot:
- Shots with only logo visible (you're the fun one!)
- You... not wearing a shirt... probably
- Blurry, dark, scary scenes
- Other people's photos
- Stickers as graffitti