Abby McCarthy

Special guest

Abby McCarthy stumbled her way into running after hiking the Appalachian trail in 2008 and and realizing walking around the streets of Rochester could be down so much better at a bit of a jog. After some time running the streets, Abby found her way back to the trails, which lead to more adventures and races of increasing distances. After her 2018 PCT thru hike she thought it was back to the streets again and time to explore every single street of the city of Rochester... In the winter. She continues to challenge herself and her mitochondrial fuel economy with new distances and styles of races.

In episode, Abby noted herself as a Honda Civic. And no truer automobile metaphor has been spoken. Abby knows how to find that All Day Pace that can take her the length of (both coasts of) the country or to the end of a 209 mile ultra. Plus she really does use phrases like "Diurnal Variation" in regular conversation.

Abby McCarthy has been a guest on 2 episodes.