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By far, the most frequently asked question that I receive from listeners (in some form) is "How can I help?" Like totally, if I had an FAQ, it would be a page with one question on it.

If you'd like to help, below are the best ways that I have come up with. Please feel free to come up with your own creative means as well. If you do, I'd love to hear about them.

  1. Tell Your Friends
    This show is about people sharing their stories so the more people these stories are shared with, the better the show can fulfill its purpose. (And funnily enough, the more potential guests for the show!) So if you have a friend who might be interested, tell them about the show. But don't stop there, help them find, subscribe, download, and listen to the show. Tell them about your favorite episode or favorite guest. Play your favorite episode while they're trapped in your car hurtling down the highway at 65 mph. Word of mouth advocacy is free and is the best form support a podcast could ask for.

  2. Share Your Stories
    This show would be pretty boring if I ran out of people to talk with. So get in touch through the Feedback form or by emailing me if you are interested in being on the show or if you have a friend you think should be on the show.

  3. Patreon
    While the podcast is and always will be free, bandwidth and audio equipment do cost money and all donations will be put towards efforts to make this show bigger, faster, stronger.

Patreon is a site that allows supporters to donate money to the show in recurring monthly amounts. In addition to receiving the podcast into their ear holes and some Thank Yous, Patreons also report a general pleasing sensation in their chest as they listen to each episode. (Also, early access to some materials before they are released to the larger podcast audience.)

Check out our Patreon Podium

Head over to the Patreon Page and get your name on the podium.

  1. One-Time Donation If monthly isn't your thing, I completely get that. But if you still want to make a donation, below is a one-time donation option.

Donate to Running Inside Out

Donations are currently processed using Stripe which has standard credit card fees associated. But I'm also checking out Paypal and Square Cash and hope to choose one or both very soon. If you have thoughts or feelings on any of these please drop me a line.

  1. Click here to shop on Amazon An absolutely free way to contribute money to the podcast is to click through the banner below before you buy something (anything!) on Amazon. Some of the Episode Notes have referral links, and those give a small percentage if you buy the product, but the links below provide a small percentage of money to the show regardless of what you purchase. And yeah, I was weirded out at first until I learned how it worked, don't worry, I don't see any personal information about who purchased what. So give it a try, after all, Amazon is just giving the (very small amount of) money away!

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And if you got this far but couldn't find anything that suited you, that's okay too. Thank you for listening and thank you for scrolling through an entire page looking for options and ways to support this show. For real. Thank You.