Colin Bailey

Special guest

Colin is newer to the trail scene, and a hobby addict, with a desire to learn new things to a certain level of competence. Once he reaches that level, the hobby is dropped and on to the next.

He ran track in High School, but not that well. His only claim to fame was a 23 second leg of a 4x200 relay (they must have had them back then).

Colin has spent loads of time in the woods since he was young. As he was growing up, weekends were spent visiting his dad's 50 acre hunting camp. Today he calls camp "home" and it sits on 200 acres. He shares that home with his wife, 2 sons, 4 dogs, 2 cats and 3 hives of honeybees.

Hiker, hunter, fisherman, photographer, guitar player, ultra-cyclist, backpacker, canoe'r and kayaker, lover of water and anything outdoors.

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