John Fegyveresi

Special guest

I would say I am still pretty active in the running community, both at the local club 5-10k level, and at the national 100-miler level (most distances).

I like to split my miles between roads and trails, but usually prefer trails. For me, it’s more about keeping things mixed up…and just trying new adventures (mostly ones that are more “off-the radar”). This is primarily why a lot of the races on my resume are so different.

With this all said however, I still would say my true passion-of-motion is long-distance hiking. I have attempted Barkley 4 times, with only 1 full 5-loop finish and 1 3-loop fun run finish. My bucket list still includes Rhonda Del Cims, Grand Raid de Reunion, Fat Dog 120, The Plain 100, and a 10-day timed event. Ultimately I would love to try the Sri Chinmoy 3100 mile self-transcendance event.

Above all bucket list items however, I would most want to thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail and complete the triple crown of long distance hikes in the US. Up next for me after mind the ducks is the Hardrock 100 in July. And….Webster is my home town and where I grew up (just a few miles from the Mind the Ducks course).

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