Mike Mertsock

Special guest

Mike Mertsock discovered the Rochester trail running community while building what would become the official #TrailsRoc app. A former board member of #TrailsRoc and groupie to many of the local running personalities, he has a hard time refusing a race. Mike’s haphazard but prodigious training has got him through local classics such as Sehgahunda, Mind the Ducks, Finger Lakes 50s, Twisted Branch and Mendon Trail Run, and he continues to search for the next challenge in ultra, trail, and mountain running, or any excuse to spend long day in the woods.

In addition to the #TrailsRoc app, Mike created Dayly Calendar to track all the non-running things in his life that he would otherwise forget, like cross-training and litter-scooping.

Mike’s wife Valerie is known for her top-notch aid station, crew, and pastry skills.

Though not normally very talkative, Mike occasionally goes deep with his race reports on his blog, Running|Code, and tries to find something interesting to say about his runs on Strava.

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