Tim Hardy

Special guest

My personal background with the key statistics: one wife, one daughter, three grand-children, three dogs (now), four horses and one cat. I retired from active duty with the Army in 2011 and we make our home now in Marietta, NY 30 minutes southwest of Syracuse, NY just above Otisco Lake. Basically, I’ve always been a “jock” and loved to be part of a team, which is how I ended up spending 20 years and 1 day in the United States Army and always is one of the things that has kept me active in ultrarunning - I love this community more than any I’ve ever been in.

I possess an average amount of athletic ability but I’ve always tried to challenge myself, both professional and in endurance athletics, since I was punked into running a marathon for the first time in 1997. While I don’t have an abnormal amount of race finishes (MTD will be my combined 73rdUltramarathon/ marathon completed) I have completed some tough ultras. Unfortunately the Barkley is not one of those, having failed in 2012, as depicted in The Race That Eats It’s Young, and in 2019 in my 2nd attempt there.

Besides Mind the Ducks, my upcoming schedule includes the Connecticut Ultra Traverse 112, The Great New York 100, The Last Annual VolState 500K and the inaugural Olde 96er 200 Miler. I’m also the race Director for the Green Lakes Endurance Races, for the 6th year this August and have been maintaining a daily running streak for quite some time that I intend to continue. I seem to be migrating away from shorter, “faster” races to longer, multi-day kinds of races. Someday I would love to do the Iditarod and also a TRANSCON if I can work out the time and the financing for each of those.

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