Episode 111

One of Those Beard Shaving Moments


January 23rd, 2023

1 hr 8 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Scott Magee, Race Director of Twisted Branch 100k joins. We chat about what it's like to not be on the internet, taking unintentional breaks (ahem cough, cough) and of course Twisted and Frozen Branches.

There was a time when Scott didn't run a lot. Then he did run a lot. And as often happens to many of us in the trail running community, the desire to give back and contribute to community became so overwhelming that Scott up and created a 100k race. Starting with a map of the Bristol Hills Branch and stoked by a love of running, community and the Finger Lakes Trail (and of course, the prodding of others), Scott created Twisted Branch as a contribution to the running community. I created Running Inside Out in much the same manner. Hearing so many stories out on group runs and at races, thinking those stories should be saved and shared (and of course, the prodding of others.), Running Inside Out Podcast was a way to have our stories be shared and celebrated. But lo, these 8 years later, what's it like to shepherd these things along while feeling somewhat disconnected?

Also, why does Frozen Branch exist? What even is it?

And after 7 iterations, does Twisted Branch still have any tricks up its sleeve (it does.) How do you make changes to something so familiar that everyone has come to love?

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