Brooke Smith

Special guest

Brooke was born in Rochester and took a brief hiatus from our fair city to get her Ph.D., start a career and mountain bike around the Northeast. 14 years later, she came back to Rochester and found the trail running community. Along with all her new friends from #TrailsRoc, Brooke discovered her love of running and donuts. Eventually, she began running longer which took her to some of our areas more scenic ultras like Many on The Genny and Twisted Branch.

In her first episode on the podcast, Brooke shared her story of overcoming an eating disorder, relapsing without knowing, discovering her support group, outgrowing that support group and eventually becoming that support group for others. But the episode wasn't all tears and struggle; it was quite the opposite actually, more like insightfulness, giggles, and confidence.

Brooke Smith has been a guest on 1 episode.