Daniel Knopp

Special guest

Dan has been a lifelong runner, starting in junior high, he ran throughout high school and college. In college he ran for and helped start, organize and lead the UB student running club, a member club of the national intercollegiate running club association (NIRCA), that's still going strong today.

Post college he entered the racing scene and for several years would regularly run 20 to 30 races a year. He also began coaching youth running programs at the Southeast Y, which he continues to do today.

A few years ago now, he purchased the infamous golden bib from yellow jacket racing the single year they offered it. Not only was that a ticket to well over 20 races it included entry into Segahunda. Segahunda ended up being Dan's first trail marathon and the race that firmly drew him to the trails. Slowly passion for the trails grew and he began working on figuring out a Rim to Rim to Rim attempt as he was slowly drawn to further distances and more challenging trails. He was able to complete Rim to Rim to Rim with a group from the Rochester Running Company last year. His goals now draw him further as he prepares to run across Haiti with Prem Kumar.

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