Episode 076

076: Run Across Haiti - with Prem Kumar and Daniel Knopp


February 27th, 2019

1 hr 9 mins 13 secs

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Prem Kumar and Daniel Knopp are joining with Work, a non-profit organization, to run across Haiti. Their goal is to show that Haiti is not a place to be feared or pitied and to raise funds for our work in ending poverty in Menelas through dignified jobs. Prem and Dan have raised over $13,000 and will be running 200 miles in 8 days. In this episode they share their motivations for the run as well as their hopes and fears. Ultimately, they aim to share a message of hope and inspiration.
[Note: Since this recording, Work anoounced the difficult decision to postpone the run due to demonstrations in Haiti. The run will still take place but will most likely be later in the spring. In talking with Dan and Prem, we still felt we should still release the episode as the goal was to get the word out about Haiti and it seemed more appropriate now than ever.]

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