Karen Howe

Special guest

Karen is a working mother of two and discovering you can get faster as a master’s runner. Running a marathon started off as a ‘bucket list’ item and has evolved into more than a decade of marathoning. Karen has run 20+ marathons – including her most recent, a PR at Boston 2019 with a time of 3:08.

For the past two years she has been able to run the for the Martin Richards Foundation, on Team MR8, in the Boston Marathon. Through this organization she has been able to tap into a new purpose for running. The Martin Richard Foundation provides opportunities for young people to learn, grow and lead through volunteerism and community engagement - they look to advance sportsmanship, inclusion, kindness and peace.

With the next marathon on deck being Berlin, in Germany this fall, Karen is looking to stay healthy, train smart and just run the mile she is in to see where her fitness will take her.

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