Episode 052

052: What Does This Thing Have on It? A Cuisinart? - With Mike Welden


July 14th, 2017

1 hr 43 mins 40 secs

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Mike Welden on Running Inside Out Podcast

Between mouthfuls of oatmeal, Mike Welden recounts his long, tortuous path to the Laurel Highlands 70 mile race this past June. From a high-octane skiing accident in Canada to breaking into the track at a maximum-security all-girl’s school, Mike’s penchant for the unconventional and utterly ridiculous makes for a gripping story.

It’s not all jokes, though. Throughout the episode, Mike also shares his experience with a new coach, reworking his racing mentality, and a raw, honest look at the ultrarunning experience.

Episode Notes

Mike Welden. Laurel. 2017. Read This.

Laurel Highlands

Cascade Mountain

"Ben Nephew's" Orocs

Syracuse Half



Back to back years at the Syracuse Half - 2016 and 2017


The Springletrack course - 20 miles of nothing but good trail

The Springletrack course - 20 miles of nothing but good trail

Breakneck Marathon


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