SE003: Managing Taper Anxiety and Post-Race Blues


July 16th, 2017

50 mins 28 secs

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Stacey Steinmiller at MedVed Run Walk

Stacey Steinmiller at MedVed Run Walk

You've worked hard and put in the training. For months your weekends have revolved around your long runs. You've dialed in your nutrition and monitored your sleep. Now, your big race is less than a month away, you are starting your taper and going a bit crazy. 

Or maybe you just ran your big race and were On Top Of The World, but then the next morning, you felt a bit empty, or lonely or directionless. 

In this Special Event, recorded at Medved, Stacey Steinmiller of Authentic Self-Counseling, tells us, "It's Okay", provides us with some context as to why we experience these feelings, and gives us some thoughtful tips for helping manage Taper Anxiety and Kicking the Post-Race Blues. 

Please review this handout that was provided. It is referenced quite regularly by Stacey throughout the talk.

Special Thanks to MedVed Running and Walking Outfitters for hosting this event (as well as many others that bring our community together)

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