Episode 071

071: I'm Not Going Back - with Scott Parr


November 19th, 2018

1 hr 32 mins 3 secs

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Scott Parr joins to talk about what got him into the world of running, pushing the limits of his body and finding fun in the suffering. Scott had a pretty awesome 2018 that included three pretty big ultras in Many on the Genny, Cayuga Trails and Twisted Branch. In addition to 2018 memories, he drops some pretty big plans for the future as well.

Ripping up the trails at Dam Good 2013! (Photo: Tim Holahan)

071_ScottParr and Jeff McBeth at Twisted
Those Amazing Volunteers! (Photo: Jaime Peca)

Episode Cover Art is thanks to the always amazing Ron Heerkens Jr. // Goat Factory Media

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