WKRIO 002: Voices From the Past! or... Voices from the Trail 2018


March 30th, 2023

1 hr 41 mins 1 sec

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_[NOTE: Due to poor producer skills, this episode was nearly lost to time. But thanks to some more experience, better audio editing tools (Thanks Patrons!) and quite a bit of luck... I think something was able to salvaged here. Happy to be able to share the stories from this night with you. Sorry for any residual poor audio quality. It remains the fault of the producer and not the panelists!)
Way back in 2018... Mort Nace and Medved once again gathered a distinguished panel of runners, assembled an interested community and provided a comfortable space for many stories to be told. 

Jason Vidmar, Michael Burke, Nate Huckle, Katie Ghidiu and Joy Valvano shared their running stories with us. From broken bladders, spontaneous 50ks, near death coaching experiences to professional outdoor parenting tips.

Jason Vidmar's storied running career spans the peeks of Powder Mills Park, to the depths of the Barkley Fall Classic, around the hills of the Georgia Death Race and has left footsteps all over the Adirondacks. Trail Dad is always up for an adventure and often comes away with some entertaining anecdotes.

Katie Ghidiu is fast. She has run a sub 5 minute mile (4:55), a sub 3 hr marathon (2:58) and a sub 24 hour 100m (2:39). She Ran cross country and track at Fairport HS and University of Notre Dame.

With regards to trail racing she has a 3rd and a 1st at Ontario Summit Trail Marathon; A 1st place at Sehgahunda Trail Marathon, a 1st at Wakely Dam 55k, 3rd and 5th places finishes at Twisted Branch 100k, and sub 24 hour at her first 100 miler in Burning River 100M, 23:39.

She is also an Adirondack 46er and likely has a lot of dirt on Nate Huckle.

Nate Huckle is a running coach, a mentor, an ultrarunner, an ADK46er and a raconteur.  Go on a run with him and he'll likely start telling you a story that before you know it, has held your attention for more hours and miles than you intended (or were willing) to run!

Michael Burke has run more than 70 races in and around the Rochester area. While doing so he has found time to raise his family outdoors (not actually, but you know) and help found a charity that assists local families affected by cancer. Find Mike on the trails and he is more than likely to chew your ear off (again, not actually, but with like stories and jokes and stuff)

Joy Valvano started running ultras back when it was considered crazy. More crazy than today. Her running consisted of often taking up road trip adventures with her running friends to races like Bull Run Run (10 times!!) and even 100 milers like Haliburton and Vermont. But her running isn't all in her past, Joy has recently run Twisted Branch 100k. Originally a runner for some alone time and a bit of fitness, Joy has found herself spending more and more (and more) time in the woods.

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