Episode 032

032: Stupid is What We're After - With Dan and Amy Lopata


June 24th, 2016

1 hr 41 mins 27 secs

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Dan and Amy on Running Inside Out Podcast
The many faces of Lopata

Dan Lopata has been chasing Massanutten Mountain 100 in some form or another for 14 years. He finally got what he wanted, but it took a lot of introspection and team work with an awesome crew member to get it. Just like Dan's MMT 100 finish, it takes them a little while to get there but, in this episode, Dan and Amy Lopata share their adventures running and the thrilling tales of some serious stupidity in the mountains of Virginia. 

Episode Notes

I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. - John Muir


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Runners (mentioned)

Kevin Sayers
John Prohira
Monica Schultz
Hans-Dieter Weisshaar
Katra Corbitt
Amber Rowe
Jeff Green
Ben Murphy
Daven Oskvig
Mike Welden
Scotie Jacobs
Torrey Jacobs

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